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Every year there are many blogs and websites that come out with a list of the hottest toys for the up coming Christmas Holiday Season. Well this season is no different and one such toy or game is the newest 3-D version in the highly popular Monopoly series called Monopoly City.

In past years there have been probably near a hundred or so versions of the famous board game, but this time instead of just changing the theme to a famous disney movie, animal breed or motion picture, they have taken it one step further by updating the game board and the playing accessories.

Monopoly City brings to life the modern property developers mind set and lets you attempt to build the perfect city. You can choose to build your city with skyscrapers, schools, residential properties or a mixture of all. What is unique is to see how your cities develop over the course of playing the game.      

The Hasbro company has continued evolving the monopoly game over the years from its original version, but this new version could be one of the most sought after versions of all. It’s possible that this could be one of those games that becomes hard to find in your local area stores this Christmas season.

As in previous years, online sales of games and toys increase during the Christmas season and in all probability Monopoly City is going to be both a hot item online and and in your local retail stores. 

If you’re a real fan of the original monopoly game then I’m sure you’ll want to play this newest version. I’d like to hear your comments on what you think. So when you get the game and play it let me know your opinion.


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