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In Monopoly City you simply move around the game board buying up districts and building a high rent area so that people who land on your districts must pay you top dollar.

With in the game there are several strategies you can use to combat your opponents and keep them from collecting as much rent as they could.

You are able to build on every turn by buying up residential or industrial buildings which help to increase the rent value of your districts. There are ways to protect your districts and keep your rent value high, but you must be quick on your feet and not mess around, because your opponents can decrease your rent value very quickly and it could be rather costly to regain your money.

If you can get to the point in the game where you can buy skyscrapers, you can accelerate your earnings and deplete the bank accounts of your opponents somewhat quickly.

If you can be the only one to own Monopoly Towers you can almost assure yourself of winning the game. It doesn’t mean that you win the game but it can sure get you there before you know it.

Just like in all other Monopoly games, the winner is the one who has the most money at the end of the game. The twist with Monopoly City is how you set up strategies against your other opponents so you can collect the most money any way you can.

The rest of this review will give you an insight into what I am talking about. I ‘ll explain the different buildings, why you should own them and a couple of things you can do to protect your districts as well as harm other opponent’s districts.      

The Importance Of Districts:

Once you open your new Monopoly City game board you’ll see that in the center of the board are colored shapes on either side of the river. These are called districts. Districts a what you’ll buy in order to build properties on to make your money. Each district in the middle of the game board has a matching space on the track. If you happen to land on one of these district spaces, you have the option to buy it or put it up for auction.

How The  Auction Works:

The banker pushes the auction button on the trading unit and then all players have 50 seconds to place their bids. Whoever has the highest bid when the red light goes off on the trading unit pays his bid price to the banker and then owns that particular district.

How To Build Your Properties: 

Each Monopoly City district has an 8 block building limit. Your grey residential buildings come in blocks of 1, 2 or 3 and the light blue industrial buildings do the same. Once again you’ll use the trading unit and this time push the build button on the side. Whatever number is showing out of 1, 2 or 3 that’s how many blocks you’re able to build on at that time. However if the railroad icon flashes then you get to build a railroad on any district for free.

The Big Difference With The Railroads: 

Railroads are used differently in Monopoly City than in other previous versions of the Monopoly game. You can use railroads to pass Go and collect wages to get to a part of the board where you hope to buy and also to avoid high rent areas. When you land on a district with a railroad, you can move to any other district that has a railroad, however if that district is owned by another player you still have to pay rent before you leave.

What Are The Residential Buildings:

The residential buildings are 1,2 or 3 block buildings which are the cheapest to buy, however if another player were to build a hazard in your district then all the residential blocks in your district would become worthless and you could not collect rent for them when someone else lands within that district that you own.

What Are Hazards:

Hazard properties are properties that harm the value of your district. They primarily can keep your opponents from collecting rent for residential property. So if one of your opponents had quite a few residential properties with in a district that they own, you could come along and build a hazard in their district that would keep them from collecting money for their residential property, unless they had previously built a bonus building, which I will explain next.

In addition, if someone has built a hazard within your district, you can pay the bank 500k per block to get it removed. So for instance if someone built a rubbish dump which is 2 blocks on your district, you would have to pay the bank 500k  X  2 = 1 million dollars. You pay the bank 1 million dollars and then you can start collecting rent for your residential properties once again.    

 The hazards are as follows:   

  • Power Station (3 blocks)
  • Sewage Plant (3 blocks)
  • Prison (4 blocks)
  • Rubbish Dump (2 blocks)

So What Are Bonus Buildings:

Bonus buildings are something you definitely want to build if you have residential properties on districts that you own. Bonus buildings are the only thing that can keep your opponents from building hazards within your districts thus negating your rent for residential properties. However, on the other hand if someone builds a hazard first, then you cannot build any bonus buildings either.

The bonus buildings are as follows:

  • School
  • Wind Farm
  • Water Tower
  • Park

Let’s Look At The Industrial Buildings:

Much like the residential buildings, the industrial buildings come in 1, 2 or 3 block units, however a big difference is that whether an opponent builds a hazard in your district or not, it has no bearings on the rent value of your district. Industrial buildings cost more than residential buildings, but the long-term advantage of owning industrial to residential is worth it.

What Is The Advantage Of  Having A Stadium:

First of all the stadium does not count towards your 8 block building limit within a district and it does not increase your rent value for a district either. So you must have ownership of 2 of the same color districts in order to buy a stadium. Once you have your stadium you can place it on either one of those 2 districts. The big advantage to owning a stadium is that you collect an extra 1 million dollars every time you pass Go in addition to your other wages.

The Power Of Owning A Skyscraper:

First of all the skyscrapers do not count towards your 8 block building limit within the district, however a skyscraper doubles the rent value of all the districts in a color group. The way this works is that in order to build a skyscraper you must own all the districts with in the same color group.

So for example if you owned all 3 districts within the pink or orange color group, you could only build one skyscraper within that color group. That one skyscraper would double the rent value of all districts within that color group.

Take Over By Owning Monopoly Towers:

Monopoly Towers does not count toward your 8 block building limit, however owning Monopoly Towers can pretty much put you on your way to winning the game rather quickly. In somewhat the same way as owning all the districts in 1 color group enables you to build a skyscraper, owning all the districts in 2 full color groups enables you to build the one and only Monopoly Towers.

Why is this so important? This is so important because it doubles the rent value for every district you own. Obviously in order to build Monopoly Towers you have to own at least all the district in 2 full color groups however any districts you won outside of those color groups still have double the rent value added to them. So you can see how owning Monopoly Towers can wipe out other opponents pretty quickly.

In all honesty, it would take some time to build Monopoly Towers, but once you did, you can reek havoc on your opponents and win the game rather quickly.

So good luck in your quest to become the big land developer and conquer the other opponents. Be sure to let me know what you think about the game and leave your comments. If you haven’t gotten Monopoly City yet, be sure to pick one up and let the fun begin.


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In Monopoly City there are several different features that have changed from the original Monopoly game. An attempt to spice up the game itself and to update the slightly dated original game to the present-day is something Hasbro has definitely accomplished .6278_Monopoly-City-board-

Some of the changes are more noticeable and make a significant difference, but here is a list of the more important ones:

First of all, the original monopoly game could go on for quite a long time, but the speed of the new version is a little nice. Without needing the full color set, you can start building any of your properties from the start of the game. This means that you can start buying up houses and hotels without obtaining the full color set. 

There are no longer railroad squares on the game board. They have been replaced with a kind of building that anyone can construct to place within properties. Now the railroads’ function is to transport players to another property that has a railroad as well. This enables the player to escape from paying massive amounts of money for rent, when stuck in certain sections of the board.

In Monopoly City you can build residential and industrial types of buildings. You can also build bonus buildings that can sabotage your opponent’s properties by lowering their rent drastically or to keep your properties from suffering as well. The stadiums and skyscrapers will help to increase your profits but the main thing to help your profits is the Monopoly Towers. 

If you’re interested to see how Monopoly City is really played, then you need to get it for your self and have loads of fun with your family or friends. I can only tell you so much, but nothing explains it better than actually playing it.

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